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Prepaid Debit Cards and Prepaid Credit Cards

Struggling with credit problem and issues? Although there is no big difference between a bad credit profile with a poor credit but poor credit history is better than bad credit according to credit ratting crieteria. However, these credit cards and prepaid cards are specially designed for people with FICO scores/credit scores better than bad credit scores and less than perfect credit. Prepaid cards and debit cards offer the convenience of having a card without any hurdle of a credit check! Because your money is debited directly from your bank account, these kinds of cards dont report to any major credit reporting agencies. Credit profile represents the creditworthiness of a person and may be an indicator to the credit type you are eligible for but credit score alone does not guarantee approval of any credit card offer.

The following prepaid credit cards and prepaid debit cards can help you in controling your spending. A reloadable debit card is safest than other because it only allows you to spend up to the amount you have pre-deposited into your account. If you have a habbit of overspending or would like to control your spending then a pre-paid debit card or prepaid credit card could be a good card option for you.

Applying a card is quite easy as bellow:

  1. Search through the several prepaid debit and credit card offers bellow.
  2. Compare cards offer side by side in order to determine which card is best for you.
  3. Apply one of the credit card of your choice by filling out a secure online application.

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